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Matthew Griffin

Matthew Griffin photo Matthew Griffin
  • White Belt

Matt Griffin - Judo Black Belt 2nd Dan

Matt grew up in the U.K and was fortunate enough to have a Judo club within walking distance of his house. His parents signed him up when he was five years old and Judo became his number one sport. 
Matt competed regularly as a junior and at 15 he started coaching the younger kids. He quickly discovered a real passion for coaching and helping others enjoy the sport. He has travelled all over the U.K to train and was lucky enough to share the mat with several world and Olympic champions, including the current coach of Japan's Olympic team!

He has achieved his Black Belt when he was 18 and his 2nd Dan four years later.
Now that he is training at Daredevil Jiu Jitsu under Clinton and Yoshi, his focus is on incorporating his Judo into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and hopefully helping others do the same.
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